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I love how my profile pic looks like I'm warping out of this dimension...
Isn't it weird we've been calling the American and the German by their last names, and calling the Japanese and the Russian by their first names?
Revelations V by melloattack
Revelations V
They are blind to his treachery, but what did we expect from a compulsive liar?

Oh, Edward...
Revelations IV by melloattack
Revelations IV
An understanding is made! All barriers are broken! But is there another motive at hand?
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Everyone had sprung into action. Dempsey had to find out on his own, which he already did once the breath of dead flesh hovered over his own face. It was taken down with quick, untangled movements given with a hint of “he totally got downed”. Oh, where is your syringe now?

Just kidding, that zombie couldn’t even say “brains”.


                Bullets rang left and right, spraying at all directions hitting anything that moved.


Anything that moved and was dead, of course. Only one exception…




He huddled himself up in a classical panicked fetal position as he heard the gunfire emitting from anywhere he went. His eyes wide as his death phobia acted upon himself like a lit up bomb. With his back against an air conditioning machine he only dared to glance once to the outside.

His soul regretted it.


As if nothing, bullets flew past his terrorized face and zipped through his own flesh. Why, he would have died already. But he is, of course, a zombie.


He launched himself back, gripping his wounds desperately as if he was actually bleeding. They bleed air, Manfred. They bleed air. I’ll take off his blindfold now.

His head struck with realization at his somewhat ability to not die so easily. He laughed nervously, then went full on out to a laugh of relief. He had stopped laughing when he realized he had also blown his cover. Out of nowhere, a metallic sphere landed on his lap snapping him out of his thoughts. Manfred held it and his blood ran cold as he recognized he had an explosive in his hands. He yelped and hot-potatoed it back down as it exploded in mid-air to what he had known it to be a hand-grenade.

And, consequently, received seven more.





Wait, what was happening? Where was everyone going? Riley was left behind in the dust of all the other people she had just met. What is happening?


Now that she had taken in her surroundings, everything seemed…scary. What was truly haunting her was the old-times look of this place. This looked too real to be something decorated like a 1940’s themed theater.


She took a step and instantly heard the old wood creak slowly across the room. A groan escaped from the greater distance catching her by surprise as she spun to find nothing there. She heard the sound of cracking wood and walls softly rumbling.


A shriek broke through the silence, then nothing.


Now Riley knew these people were survivors. But of what?


She walked to the lower hall and kept going until she was greeted with a glowing box. She approached it curiously and reached a hand over to touch it. Her fingertips almost ran down the question mark until the alley door was suddenly opened and in came Amber.


She noticed Riley then caught her breath. “You really shouldn’t stay here, you’ll get overwhelmed. You don’t even have weapons.”


Riley couldn’t think of a response at the moment.


“I’ll leave you to it then, I need to jet. Be careful.” With that Amber jogged away. Riley was once again alone, without knowledge of whatever is going on. She knew she had to keep an eye out for something. Enemy soldiers, terrorists, nuclear propulsion…maybe even militias. She stepped out to the open.


If she doesn’t see anything soon, she’ll just go back to tending…her…


“What the fuck happened to my wounds?” Riley exclaimed.

She was healed. Completely healed. That explains why she felt oddly comfortable standing again. She walked faster, ignoring everything as illusions. Everything was illusions. Nothing was real. She’s still unconscious. No, better yet, she’s dead.


What kind of a place for the dead is this? 


There was a crash behind her, Riley came to a halt.


As she turned, the truth to her surroundings finally presented itself as she realized she had spoken too soon.




“Ahaha shtop zis is vay too endearing.” Richtofen cooed to the surprisingly aligned line of slow crawlers taking the form of a choo-choo train.

“Richtofen, I blame you and only you for letting over population of flesh-junkies happen in the place I least thought to be over-fuckin’-populated.”

“Is zat a translation to ‘I’m an imbecile’?”

At the sound of multiplying voices, both turned to what they had to face.

An unimaginable horde in quantity. A surfeit of what could be their ultimate doom…. At least for one of them.

They both sprinted from the center of the theatre to the lobby, Dempsey matching Richtofen’s speed.

It was sure Richtofen was the victor, until with a swift movement of his opponent, came down to the floor.

The German scrambled back up at the chance of redeeming victory, but the American had won.


To Richtofen’s horror, Dempsey activated the death trap for the more ironic reason of Richtofen’s death.

The German found himself at a dead end and a dead loss for action.


Dempsey replied in cackles at the plain sight of everything going just as intended.

A downed Nazi, and all the boost to his points.

If only this was a routine.

Oh wait, it is.




In the middle of all chaos fought a Russian, and by the sidelines, Amber.


Cooling slices of metal plunged jaw-deep into the demises of his attackers, his mirrored future.

No matter how much he would, well his mind knew what his epitaph engraved. It was inevitable, but the purpose to continue has not yet shown itself. So why? What was his reason?

When you have a cloud hanging around your head, you’re distracted. Unresponding. Only a disciplined and centered mind could snap an answer right back at you. But even a clouded mind could still process and know their response but be reluctant by choice. A singed mind retaliates process. They don’t want to think. Responding isn’t even an option. Singed and clouded are two different factors.

If you could analyze deep into someone’s brain you could pry the answer out of them without force.

If Nikolai was to be one of such minds, he’d be an open book.

If Nikolai were to have a clouded mind he’d know what his response is.

If Nikolai were to have a singed mind, he’d deny what his response is.


But Nikolai has neither a clouded nor a singed mind.

tl;dr: He just doesn’t know what you’re talking about.





His scarfed head zipped up. A bullet flew past him and pierced dead, unnoticed flesh.

Out of instinct, he turned again, finishing the job with whatever weapon he held.

“Stop spacing out, dammit!” Amber cried out from above.


It sure gave a lot of help and something for Amber to do when Takeo provided a way to climb the ladders that lead to the top sections of the theatre. This way, it gave a chance for Amber to practice the role of a sniper. And out of the abnormality of today, it was her lucky shot.

“I really don’t want to walk to box for new gun. Letting them come at me would be so much easier!”

In their moment of communication, Amber blinked and put aside her rifle.

“With your logic, I’m sure you’d survive out of all of us.” She mocked.

“That’s why I’m author’s favorite!” Nikolai bellowed over the screams reaching him. He was already forced to the floor before Amber could even respond.

You’re not author’s favorite, Nikolai.

“I know what I’m doing!” He cried over his broken bones just as he died.

“I’d sure love to get this over with already.” She mumbled under her breath and resumed practice.




He woke up in Amber’s vision. Out of the first things he could do, he sound tested his own voice.

“Alright, hello? Nikolai to Amber, 1, 1, 2, 5, vodka time. Can you hear me?”


“Oh please, pitiful American capitalist teen. As if I’m not in your mind every night. Yeah, I kid. I don’t care.”


“You’re making my headache worse you dumb bitch!”

“It’s not like I can’t block you out of my mind.”

She heard a snort, “You can try.”

A shot rang, two bodies fell.

“Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy-not good enough.” Nikolai piped. Amber ignored it.

Another shot. Miss.

“You did better last time, this is bad performance.” Ignored again.

Amber ignored it all and killed every so often.

Nikolai saw it all and talked every 2 seconds.



“You missed his head! That’s what counts!”

Bang. Bang.

“Stop wasting your bullets! Try to aim better and shoot less.”

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

“If I could shoot as much as you, I would have already killed them all.”

Bang. Bang

“Go for the crawler. Kill it completely!”

Bang. Bang.

“See? It invited his friends now like a loser.”


“That was a once in a lifetime headshot.”


“Does your head have vodka here?”

Bang. Boom.

“You suck and so does your mind. What kind of juvenile doesn’t think about the water of god?”

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

“I can’t stand watching this.”

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

“Why did you waste your explosives? You make horrible parties.”

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang

“I can shoot better in my time of blinding rage.”

Bang. Click. Click. Click.

“You just wasted all your ammunition like some dumb under-aged woman.”

Sigh. She got her act together and realized he was right, she just wasted everything.

“I can teach you something.”

Amber noticed the zombies increasing in quantity as their seconds went by.

“If you really want to learn something, you’ll get down from this place.”

“You mean go down there??” Amber questioned. “I don’t have anything.”

She heard silence in her head.

“You have a knife. Just trust me. With this many, we’ll have all the time we need. I won’t be reviving anytime soon.”

Amber thought about it for a moment. Maybe he could actually help her tone her skills. After finally getting up and quickly climbing down the broken ladder, she waited for her first command.

“Uhh, what do I do?” Amber nervously asked already getting uneasy with the oncoming horde.

The unresponsive attitude shook her nerves to no end, she took some steps back without his consent.

The possibility that Nikolai was maybe doing this on purpose or probably revived without her knowing sparked her anger.

Until finally she heard it.









“We all have not been minding our sloth for too long. Ashley, you should have stayed with Riley!”

Bullets fought with all their might to ease the roars but they couldn’t diminish it. It was all too sudden and there were too many people in this damn place.

“I never thought I’d say this but we are too much for this theatre!” Ashley cried.

“You knew perfectly well about this than all of us.” Takeo scolded while retreating to hunt for more refills.

Taking advantage of one of the holy weapons she thankfully mastered, she threw one to the air and let it work its magic. Hint: monkey bomb.

Both took this as a chance to escape momentarily from the challenging insanity their current round was.

What was this? Round Infinity?

“Takeo, I never had the chance to tell you that I really feel like you’ve been the glue in our team, or just the person whose lead us to more preferable paths. And I haven’t stepped up to control or lead like I have to. Even though I’ve excluded you most from us all for reasons that could have been put aside or from failing to remember to do so… what I mean to say is you really should be a more appreciated character because you’ve done more than I ever have. And I’m sorry. I couldn’t thank you more.”


If it wasn’t for their escaping, Takeo would have taken the time to look for the sincerity in Ashley’s eyes because he hesitated to even believe what he was hearing. To see if it was true, if she meant it and it wasn’t some passive author ruse.


“Ashley, what you are saying to me is a lot and I only hope it is not a joke.” He responded testing the possibility.

“I’m basically pouring my heart out, just knowing that it’s hard to believe for you really doesn’t help me either.”

They both shared a silence of mutual understanding while the only sound around them was the deafening sprays of gunpowder and all the usual things.

“Then if it is true…” Takeo added breaking their silence.

“I’m glad because I thought this day would never happen.”


They both felt their adrenaline pumping out of their chests when a legion of you know what flowed through the dressing-room doors, rumbling the walls and giving goose bumps to a sprinting duo.

“Alright, let’s go help Riley!” The smaller exclaimed.





In the carnage and violence of everything human or not, nobody paid attention to the first few warning signs that were shot.

There was one.

Then two.

Finally a third one gave out.

But all to deaf ears over gunpowder and smiles.

Until again, the last warning…


Then one ear perched up, and looked up above.

To see nothing but the decaying wood that hung.




Now full attention was put, then quickening steps.

Less smiles.

Less fires.

Caution weighing down their body.

Suddenly a new mission.





“Nein. NEIN! Not now! STOP FALLING!! I was having too much fun. I am not leaving my precious toys behind!!!”

Everything around them was cracking. More light shone as chunks began falling around, smashing zombies.

“Dempsey, stay here.”
The doctor ordered as he rushed out of the room.


“Yeah, I’m not gonna listen to Doctor’s Orders this time Doc…” Dempsey remarked following the German.

He was shoved back. The American stumbled and shielded his head from falling ceiling. Once he stepped forward to regain his way out the switch of a lever stopped him, then bars of electricity flashing in front of green eyes.

“Let this be the last time you fail to listen to Doctor’s Orders…”


But he was gone and only the echoes of mocking laughter humored the fuming soldier.



“Oh god, no. Verdammt!”


Manfred heard it all and it was enough for him to panic. But then again, who wasn't panicking as of now?


His heart pumped out of his chest when he ran away from the one spot he thought safe that was now crumbling and falling to the ground level he's forbidden to go.


Where was Alolah?

His life was practically depending on her presence to hopefully save him or get him out of here. Did she care anymore?

Maybe thought again of his being as just another damnation like the rest? Like how Manfred very much knows he is…


He ran to the rooftops of the theatre, looking through the widening gaps for any sight of his friend. Anything, just anything.

The jacket/cape on his back swooshed around with his quickened steps. He could not stay here after regaining this newly found hope of being something other than just some useless zombie to be shot at the end of the day. Again, out of his notice, he caught someone's attention and now aside from running around the cracks he had to run around bullets too! This was getting too bad for him.

He still could not find Alolah.


"HELP!! OH GOD, WHAT ARE THESE THINGS!?" A cry resonated over the current noise. Manfred hesitated. This was the voice he had never heard in his life and yet he is not following it. Nope, not in his right mind.

Keep running and dodging forward.


This was so ridiculous. Alolah and her way too big gang. How many did she say there were, 9? Maybe 10? ANYTHING MORE THAN 4 BECAUSE WHOEVER THE ORIGINAL FOUR WERE WEREN'T IN THEIR OWN RIGHT MINDS TO START REJECTING SURVIVORS???


That's cruel Manfred. Unnecessary cruelty. You're just exhausted and have been put under a lot of pressure. Just keep running.


"STOP TALKING TO ME!!!" He screamed to the sky.




Manfred backed away, was he running toward the voice? It was louder and way closer than to his liking.

But then stopped. He was trapped. Everywhere he ran was a death trap. The very roof he stood on was a death trap, walking on normal ground floor was a death trap, approaching anyone was a death trap, his own kind was a death trap.

He could only go so far but his very own desperation was a death trap. He can't get out. He can't--


His breath got caught in his throat, he was in the middle of a crumbling roof. Right in the middle of it. What had he gotten himself into?

"ALOLAH!" came a strangled cry from him as the ground beneath his feet finally collapsed with him falling right after it.







THIS IS THE WORST DECISION YOU'VE EVER MADE IN YOUR LIFE. But hey, you've had worse. Like when you had to run from one map to another. You almost seem like you'd be used to this, except you're about to give out any moment now.

Maybe what kept you going was the rage that if put to good use would have made a nice, satisfying nuke. The kind of nuke that would end games but after a few seconds the round would start over again.

And it was all because of Nikolai, he hasn't said a word after that one command and you've been risking the stamina of your legs for too long.


You know this is a game. One you shouldn’t have underestimated because of your high scores and since you are no video game character, you can’t keep going like this. Thinking there’s hope of an ending or hope of winning. If there could be a pause button or maybe hack your way to a place where at least you could be eternally peaceful. And while you’re at it, include everyone else too.

Oh, look it’s that dead girl again. The one that had that injury and probably came from the military and was left alone. She didn’t even know what was going on. You really hope she’s ok. . .






But what if she respawns?

“We have to leave! We can’t stay here, the entire thing is gonna fall down on us!” Amber took a moment to process she was talking to herself. Or her conscience…? Whatever.

As much as she wanted to take a moment to try to believe Quackers was going to respawn, she acted without thought and scooped the corpse on her back.


To the teleporter.






The very same idea rang in Alolah’s head.


But it’s not like her heart was already dead cold worrying about Manfred . . . and his sensitive situation. Oh, if her mind didn't race with the horrible possibilities already she wouldn't have such a hard time finding him.


Where was Manfred? WHERE WAS MANFRED????


What if he got killed when she departed? What if he's looking for her as well?

 'What if he is looking for me?' Alolah thought. 'Where would he look-'




Alolah turned to look at what exactly Richtofen was talking about until she saw it. And her blood boiled.

“Don’t you dare,” she huffed as she walked past the German before he could pull off any nasty tricks. The other only smirked knowingly, pulling the lever once both were safely on the other side of the room. Alolah did well to hide her previous worries, the last thing she wanted was the doctor inquiring what bothered her. As if he would ever. She kept walking and heard him pull another lever then more zombies being electrocuted. “Is this your plan?” she suddenly asked, “to just pull death traps without rounding up the others?”

“I trust we can all make it if we get there first.” Alolah gaped at his comment. “How is that supposed to work? Don’t tell me you’re proposing in leaving some behind…”

“My logic is we can’t wait and see if someone reaches the teleporter first or if everyone does. We or more likely, I, act now and just get out of here. To a fresh new place to kill off the rest of my loyal subjects!”

In that moment Alolah cocked her weapon at him and you could see Richtofen give off the slightest flinch. Until, Richtofen turned and cocked his Stakeout aiding Alolah in the overflow of zombies that pooled from the ceiling hole. But of course, Alolah knew better and so did the doctor. They both ceased their fire as Richtofen tugged the other into making a run for the teleporter. “Why would I expect you to get it anyways?”

They neared the teleporter, Richtofen pressing buttons with haste while Alolah threw a monkey bomb to buy more time.

“OVER HERE!!!” Alolah turned to see Kim running up to them. Thankfully, no dead people behind her.


Richtofen stifled a laugh “I didn’t know I rubbed off on people so much…”

RICHTOFEN TURN THE TELEPORTER ON!” screeched Kim noticing the machine was not glowing.

But alas, their ass-saver came.

The wires from the other mainframe glowed with energy signaling activation. Takeo ran in and pushed Kim along with him. The other mainframe beeped its readiness. Ashley was right behind Takeo but she seemed to be anxiously looking around for something. She’d suck in air and look around the place as if she was losing her mind over something and suddenly she’d turn around as if to go back but then quickly turn around again to continue to the teleporter. Alolah almost wanted to ask but she dismissed it as something typical of her. She was an unpredictable person…Despite this, she could have sworn she whispered “I’m a fucking failure” under her breath. Everyone cut the crap once Takeo stepped into the machine. The Jap gave one look to the doctor and the German finished his final adjustments. A low hum emitted from above with small bits of electricity already zapping. Richtofen slammed the button on.

Takeo was gone.

Kim was gone.

Richtofen was gone.

Ashley was gone.


Alolah took a deep breath when she opened her eyes to find she had not teleported with the rest. She had to stay for him. For all that he was worth, he had to be saved. She was gonna punch the daylights out of him when this was over. She acted quickly, checking to see if she had ammunition before going off to set the death traps again. At least it had been a productive idea on Richtofen’s part. She pulled the trap from the dressing room noticing less voices were heard. So less zombies. Meaning the round was close to ending… Sprinting over to the set of stairs, she set off the second death trap. “RICHTOFEN? ALOLAH? ASHLEY?” Finally Amber had come to depart this theatre. “I powered the mainframe! Anyone there?” Alolah ran down the stairs to her voice and saw the corpse on her back, immediately running to her aid.

“Who is this, Amber?” She demanded.

“That’s a dead Quackers…”

“Riley?” She gasped.

She hesitantly helped in carrying her to the teleporter. The Kuwian girl would look to Amber to see how things were on her side but she bore a more serious countenance than ever seen since her arrival.

“Everyone left, didn’t they?” she asked solemnly.


“So why didn’t you go with them?”

“…I knew you were the only one left, I couldn’t let you go alone.” She thought about how she’d dodge her questions when she’d do a 360 and leave Amber behind. How would she find this man and wait another two minutes?


Both girls reached for their weapons but Alolah caught herself in time. She looked over to Amber’s SMG in hand, posed to terminate the enemy; but that was no enemy, she knew. “There’s no need for that, let’s hurry up with getting out of here.” Carefully they both placed Riley’s body in the pad, then Amber stepped in. The raven head looked expectantly at Alolah to join her. Even extending her hand for it to be taken. But the other stepped back; Amber’s smile died a little.

“What are you doing?”

Amber and Quackers were gone.

The last remaining inhabitant stood for a second looking at the empty pad, feeling a sense of dread from the thought of being alone…Until she heard walking behind her. She turned around with the force of a whip and pressed the tip of her shotgun in the chest of…


“Ja-AUGH!” He clutched his arm where the butt of her shotgun hit him. Manfred dare not question her anger for he knew that would get him nowhere. Instead, he was pulled into a desperate embrace. One that was cut short due to the Kuwait survivor who made haste in setting up the teleporter again. “Alolah, it’s too early! We must wait!” The half-zombie proclaimed, and in a few long moments, he saw Alolah dragging her feet back to play the waiting game. They both could not do anything else but wait. There was a prolonged silence but the heightened sense of sight made up for it. There was no more roof from where they stood. The rays of the sun hit every corner of the theatre, revealing the melancholy state of ruin. How the once velvet red seats had stained with dust and blood and the polished floor littered with their carnage, with their inhumanity. No matter how much they now noticed the filth of their surroundings, they sat down to let the seconds go by more comfortably. It was then that Alolah noticed when Manfred shielded his eyes from the unforgiving sun that they did not glow any more. Manfred guarded his vision with both hands, basically covering them from everything considering he wanted to sit next to Alolah but it was right where he could potentially be blinded if he looked up. “Manfred, move…” The former German soldier paid attention to where she patted in front of her to sit. He did so, while rubbing the agitated tears from his eyes from being exposed to too much sun. His hands were then grabbed and brought away from his face and all he could see was his human friend observe him. “They’re beautiful.” The words caught him off guard. “Was…?” “They’re blue.”


It took him a while to process what that meant, and they both spent 15 seconds looking at each other that way. “Alolah, are they really…?” Alolah beamed at him while patting the side of her thigh to locate her knife. Once she touched the handle, she unsheathed it from its holster and held it in front of her. Her finger brushed over the side feeling the dried blood having stained the metal. She clicked her tongue as her scraping failed to clean the stains. Muttering curses under her breath, she turned the blade in different angles but found no reflection no matter how much she’d tamper with it. She sighed in defeat while placing the knife back and reached her hand to cup his cheek in confirmation, “Believe me, Manfred, they’re so very blue…” Alolah suddenly stood up and ran to the lobby. The German waited patiently for the expected blue glow and-oh, there it was. Suddenly he was pulled up to run into the teleporter. “Uhh, Alolah, I’m very thankful of your friendship. You’ve given me new hope to go on.” Alolah let go of him to press some buttons and whatnot setting up the teleporter again yadda yadda.


“I’ll…I’ll miss you dearly.” The other turned to him eying him in confusion, “You’re coming with me.” That caught him off guard, his heart ran cold remembering how…lethal…the electricity was against zombies. Zombies like him… “Alolah, I don’t understand. I can’t go with you.” This made her stop what she was doing, “Yes you are, what made you think you’d stay here?”, “I didn’t think you’d want me to follow you.” Alolah didn’t respond and finished setting it up. She stood inside and waited for him next. There was silence. “Come on!” she cried. “I can’t! I’m still a zombie, I won’t make it. Please understand, it’s better if we depart now. I see no good outcome from this.” He chuckled and smiled sadly, “May I receive a final embrace…before you bid me farewell?” Alolah sighed and smiled back, walking up to him, finally embracing him for the final time. They spent a long while like that, each wasted second lingered onto a zombie and a girl who did not care for it. His arms tightened around her frame and her likewise until she began to take small steps back still holding the man in her embrace. Manfred only laughed softly at this before realizing where her steps were taking them. He released her hold on her and pushed back gently, “No, stop.” But he couldn’t break free. “Please let me go,” he was now pushing her away from him in a desperate attempt to get away but she only tightened her grip on him and pulled back. “No, Alolah, NO! I can’t, please!!” She had a foot inside already but Manfred pushed back with all the force of his feet. “Oh god no, Alolah, no NO!!! I WON’T MAKE IT!!!” She grit her teeth and gave one strong pull hauling Manfred inside as he screamed, “NO, I’LL DIE! ALOLAH, I’LL DIE!! I’LL DIE!!!”




Alolah and Manfred were gone.






















Ashley (Author’s note): I’m so glad I’ve stopped worrying about an audience since I love writing this story for myself which is how it should be. Despite this, it has come to my mind that all the OC’s and/or actual people I am borrowing for this fic might not be up for use anymore by the owners themselves. But then what would be of my story? I can’t have that… So to make it better I am declaring the fact that this is an AU so that no cannon/non-cannon disturbances are brought up from anyone since my story will not directly affect the original character development that the owner wanted for their character. This also goes to any ACTUAL non-fictional people who wanted to be included in my story (or I asked to include and gave me consent); you can’t back out from this now. Hopefully I don’t upset anyone with my irreversible decision and you all understand why I do this while (assuming I still have an audience) you all enjoy reading this as I certainly will enjoy writing it as well as read it a bunch of times out of giddy accomplishment. Unlike popular belief, I have a lot planned for future chapters. So, without further ado, I will now present the After-Chapter…


*Kim’s eyes were fixed onto the still drop of water that marked itself on the rims of the faucet. The drop that never finished its trek to the small puddle of other drops that had fallen there. It stayed back to its source, unmoved, relentlessly stuck. Never revealing a sign of movement, lashing anxiety at its observant who prayed for mercy at the abstinence of water. She sat on a closed toilet seat and from there, could see the others who were with her since there was no door to the stall she resided in.*

Kim: How are we alive? *Her question halted the actions of some. Alolah had been inspecting the growing hairs under her arm, Amber ran her hands through her hair and felt the remaining grease on her fingertips. The poignant smell of blood filled the bathroom, but they were all un-phased by such a common reoccurrence.*

Amber: Well, it doesn’t take much to swing a knife around. Alolah, can you do the thing with the…knot? *Amber walked over to the Kuwait and she, with deft fingers, formed a braid then tied the end with small strands of the other’s hair. When finished Amber made sure to thank her with a smile that puffed out her cheeks like that of a baby.*

Kim: But I mean…how it is that we are living from below sufficient circumstances for survival? I haven’t eaten in two days and I don’t see you guys eat either? Where is the food? The water? That sink right there has nothing coming out anymore. How in the hell are we doing it?

*Amber and Alolah stared at each other blankly*

Alolah: Hasn’t Ashley shown you the box?

Kim: …What box?

Alolah: That explains it.

*Riley suddenly groaned and a hand was heard pushing itself against a wall for support. Another pair of steps neared their area. Ashley came in the bathroom with cut pieces of cloth hanging over her arm. She walked towards the stall that Riley was in and handed her 5 of the many she had.*

Riley: Ugh, thanks. Is this all you could salvage?

Ashley: I tried to cut around the dirt and unsanitary stuff since you’d be using it “down there”. Hopefully with this you’ll manage.

Riley: It’s ok, I can…improvise on something. Thank you for your effort.

Alolah: You went to the box for this?

Ashley: I went to the zombies for this.

*Kim walked out of her stall and went to the farthest one. She walked in and lifted the toilet seat.*

Kim: I’m sorry, I have to deal with my business somehow even in our circumstances.

Amber: We’ll just dub that particular stall as the one to actually piss in.

*Amber looked back to the mirror, the sound of a roaring stream of urine splashing the inside of a toilet the only thing breaking the silence.*

Amber: Would it be a bit disgusting to use blood as a lipstick…?

Alolah: Why are we being primitive? What happened to using the box?

*Ashley averted her eyes from her pretend sister as she looked for the right words to say.*

Ashley: ….It’s….not…in it to win it anymore.

Alolah: What in the heck does that mean?

Ashley: It’s dead.

Alolah: It’s not working?

Ashley: NO, *sighs* it won’t work its magic anymore.

*They all noticed commotion outside from the others as they strolled around, talking nonsense but also nearing to the bathrooms*

Amber: Only guns now?

Ashley: Only guns now.

*Ashley looked to the floor apologetically then handed more of her cloth to Alolah and Amber. She had two left so she gave them to Kim still crouching over the admittedly unsanitary toilet seat. Takeo knocked on the wall.*

Takeo: Hurry up. Your time is only prolonged because of us.

Dempsey: Man, why do chicks always take so long?

Nikolai: Don’t be a fuckin’ weirdo, Dempsey. These “chicks” are too premature for your awful standards.

Richtofen: Dempsey’s a pedophile, pass it around.

Dempsey: Richtofen’s a necrophile, pass it around.

*A slap cut through the air and then a punch. Finally a sword was heard being unsheathed from its holster, then the fight ceased. The sword slid back into place.*

Takeo: You both act like fetuses still in the womb.

Alolah: We’ve got to finish up, guys. Riley, you ok there?

Riley: I want to get out of this bathroom. *She walked out now having her army jacket tied around her waist.*

Ashley: …Are you hiding your stains?

Riley: I still find it necessary despite being surrounded by red in literally every corner. Just go with it, kid.

Ashley: Kim?

Kim: Ya, man. I’m done…Let’s skedaddle.

*Kim came out of her stall and went to climb around the half-door to join the rest. The others went after her finding better light than in the bathroom.*

Nikolai: What the fuck did you all do in the bathroom? You all still smell like shit.

Amber: Oh, fuck you! Like we all can’t say the same about YOU GUYS. Do you lather yourselves in zombie feces?

*Takeo inspects his own uniform briefly before looking at his own comrades, taking in just how grotesquely disgusting their uniforms looked and smelled.*

Takeo: Honestly, men-and Nikolai, they are not too far off…

Dempsey: Nikolai stop bitching about smell when you’re probably the pheromones all these zombies are attracted to.

*In the background Richtofen doubled over in laughter.*

Nikolai: Oh, stupid capitalist.

Kim: Uhm, Dempsey, is there any water where we’re going to next?

Dempsey: I dunno, Kimmy. Kraut where are we going?

*The German still hadn’t recovered and tried to force a coherent answer. Riley neared Takeo to whisper something and he lowered his head to hear.*

Riley: When’s the last time you guys have ever showered?

Takeo: Does blood count? *Riley grimaced at this*

Richtofen: Ahaha, to a-pfthaaahaaa! *He stopped to muffle his laughter and even his breathing enough to speak again. Once he held it down he continued.*

Richtofen: To anywhere we’d want to go next.

Ashley: Alright, let’s go to Cuba so I could see-

Richtofen: Shut up, we’re going to Russia.

*Nikolai went up and patted Richtofen*

Nikolai: Ahhh, It’s about time you own up to your debt to me! Maybe then I’ll be in my element since I’ll be so powered up with all the vodka there! And then I’ll burn down my house…

Kim: Oh well, I better be able to take a shower there.

*Richtofen and Nikolai walked away unable to deny her the truth, Dempsey just shaked his head.*

Takeo: I’m so sorry.


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